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Lubin An is a compassionate, streetwise attorney defending those accused of crimes.

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Arrest Is Only The Beginning

The moment that you are arrested for any crime, your thoughts and emotions are spinning like a tornado. You may eventually accept the fact that you are arrested and will have a long road ahead to get your life back to normal. We are with you through the entire process. You are not alone.

Criminal Defense


Drug And Weapons Charges


Representing over a thousand clients accused of misdemeanors to capital felony offenses, there is no situation that we have not met. We challenged the most unforgiving prosecutors, judges, and courtroom cultures that unfortunately exist in many parts of Georgia. At Lubin An Law, LLC, we have the experience to understand the reason behind the unforgiving prosecutors and courts. We are never discouraged, nor have you discouraged, by these harsh courts that authorize an unfair system. Regardless of your charges, and the specific court, we can overcome and change the system’s attitude to be fair.

Violent Crimes / Murder

Murder charges reduced to Disorderly Conduct. No probation.

Domestic Violence

All Charges Dismissed

DUI Dismissed

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