It Is Never Impossible To Achieve A Great Outcome In Any Case, No Matter How Difficult.

Your Life Matters

Lubin truly values all of his clients. He believes that all people have tremendous worth in society and deserve to be treated accordingly. Regardless of the crime that a person is accused of committing, no government entity should disrespect and deprave that particular person. It is true that society, or the world in general, needs law and order. The justice system is intended to protect people from crimes and other dangers. But if the government has the power to take away a valuable person’s liberty and good name, then it better prove its case against that person and never undermine any human being’s importance.

Before pursuing a career in law, Lubin took over the finance industry. While he enjoyed his career in finance, Lubin was always interested in becoming a lawyer. Specifically, he wanted to try criminal cases in court and help people on a personal and intimate level. After handling over a thousand cases, Lubin witnessed and experienced so much injustice and disrespect to good people. His passion to help people grew while handling case after case, and it continues to grow each time he encounters good people in need of protection. Lubin is supportive and empathetic to all his clients because they deserve that from their lawyer.

It’s All About Details and Precision

Attention to detail is everything. It is important in any industry, but when defending a criminal matter, it is the difference between getting another chance in life, or spending the rest of your life under harsh government control. Lubin understands that even the smallest detail can change the outcome of an entire case, and potentially a person’s life.

As an experienced trial lawyer, Lubin developed skills and a savvy instinct of knowing when to be patient and when to be aggressive. Many people may desire an attorney who is always aggressive. However, a constantly aggressive lawyer may end up getting counter-punched in the face and ultimately not achieve the best result for the client. Lubin believes that precision is most effective. Similar to a medical surgeon, a successful surgery is through precision, not aggressiveness. Practicing law, especially defending a criminal case, is analogous to performing surgery. It is an art and a craft that requires a special skill and precision.

Lubin always thinks outside the box, and he is a strong believer that there is never only one way to win a case. He has been successful by following his own mantra: “Wording, Timing, and Tone” (WTT). If all three elements of WTT are met, almost anything is possible to achieve.

Experience On Your Side

Practicing since 2007, Lubin has the necessary experience to investigate cases efficiently, and he tirelessly spends his time and effort developing winning strategies to every case. His driven work ethic has led to so many positive outcomes for his clients. Whether charges get dismissed or significantly reduced, he makes certain that his clients are satisfied at the very end.

Lubin’s strategic, detailed approach to all of his cases has earned him the respect of colleagues throughout the Atlanta legal community. Find out how he may be able to protect your rights by calling Lubin An Law, LLC at (404) 247-2030 or by completing the intake form.